Goals for the new school year

Isabel Peak, Writer

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Starting off the school year students have many goals they want to achieve throughout the year. Some may be challenging and some they may be able to complete easily. Most people’s goals are to get good grades, and just complete the grade on a positive note. Bryce Franklin’s goals are, “…to get straight A’s.” Good grades are a good thing to have because they can get you into a good college, and more. Possibly even a job.

“My goal is to get straight A’s and stay organized.” says Sophomore Lydia Koger. Staying organized can keep you out of a lot of messes, literally. When your organized it makes you able to find your work easier and keeps you from having to turn it in late. High school can be really hard to get through if you fail classes, and lose your work easily. Something you can do to keep you organized throughout the year is get binders and folders for each class to put your work in. If you don’t want to do that there is lots of other options to, like one big binder for all your classes.

Getting good grades is key in high school. You can achieve a lot with good grades and a high GPA. College, work, etc. All employers need people in high school that have good grades, and people that work hard, and can stay organized. High school can help you stay organized, and it’s like the first step to what you’ll need later in life. You’ll need organization for a job, so high school is the first step. Dillon Binion says, “I wanna finish with a high GPA. Life’s a garden, dig it fam.”

Some other goals to think about is keeping your locker organized all year, staying out of trouble, and not get lost. High school can be tough sometimes, but with a lot of work you can get through it.  

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Goals for the new school year