No Outside Lunches

LJ McQueen, Writer

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Of all the rules at South Ripley this rule has to be the least favorable rule yet. Our school has always let us bring in outside lunches till now. Why is that? What’s so bad about bringing other food for lunch? Some students may not like any of the food and forgot to bring some food for lunch, so they call one of their friends to get them something. Do the teachers and faculty want students to starve throughout the day because we couldn’t get something. Maybe that’s not the case, but students want to be treated to something and they have the money. If we have the money what’s the issue? We aren’t wasting money for the school, we are still getting to classes on time. If faculty can bring in outside lunches or can go out and get lunch, then why can’t students? Students get that they are older and they are their teachers, but we are in high school we aren’t elementary students anymore. Every year we get some new rules and we become treated more and more like little kids. We are becoming responsible, so why can’t we be responsible and buy our lunches sometimes out of school. Or even get something and just bring it back to school. This may not be favorited, but this is the rule and we have to respect it, and adjust to it. Many students are already being responsible and respectful about it and haven’t done anything to get in trouble about it.

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No Outside Lunches