Lee enjoys a good game of baseball

Austin Lee, Writer

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Even with no concessions, scoreboard, or even a ticket booth, the jr. high’s baseball team still pulled the win off at Madison Jr. High. The final score was 12-8.

The Raiders had a four point lead at the start of the game. Later Madison pushed ahead with a 7-4 lead. When SR took the field andDalton Smith pitching, Madison had the bases loaded and a Cub had a good hit. He took first base and everything was settled. Players on both teams were stealing bases like crazy. Many times, SR would steal home like it was nothing. Eighth grader Travis Lee stole three bases in a row while hitting a single on his first chance up to bat. He hit the single and took first base with no issue.

When stealing bases the player takes a risk of getting out and when the coach gives the signal there’s not much time to think.“I think it was just heat of the moment. We needed the points and I was willing to sacrifice and take the bases,” Lee said.

Next, when the others players hit, the Madison pitcher threw a few foils or “balls” and Lee stole the bases like a thief.

Lee has always loved baseball and enjoys movies like 42, Sandlot, and Rookie of the Year. He added that baseball is his kind of sport.

He likes the support from his teammates when he’s on the field as well as when family attends his games especially when he plays well. “It was the best feeling in the world. I got to show everyone what I was capable of. When I was running home, I didn’t look back, I just headed straight for it. When I slid on home plate, I was so happy to hear, “SAFE!” It was great. The best was me walking off the field and everyone applauding and cheering for me. That never happened before, it was great let me tell ya bub.”

When Lee gets ready to bat he feels special when his teammates cheer for him. “Yea (laughs) they make me smile and put the spirit in my soul when I’m on deck or on home plate. Sometimes it’s a little embarrassing but I don’t really care, at least they’re giving me a lot of respect and support,” Lee said.

The Raiders beat the Cubs 12-8.


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Lee enjoys a good game of baseball