Senior musicians remembered

Alyssa Dillion & Hailee Humphries, Writers

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It all comes to an end someday. For some of these people it started four years ago when they stepped into the band/choir room as a freshman. Soon, they will walk out a changed personas and a performer.

Senior Trey Winters has been a Young Confederate and in choir his whole high school career. What he loves most about choir is “Choir is a place to have fun. I look forward to choir because it’s like my morning coffee. It wakes me up and gets me ready for the day.” He wishes he could have so many more years in choir. One of his greatest memories is performing at Disney World in 2017 with the choir.

Senior  Ethan Morris has been in band for three years and Young Confederates for two years. Morris likes Confeds because “it is a place where I spend time with my friends and have a good time.” He wishes to have more time in Confeds but he is also ready to move on and start another part of his life. His greatest memory with Confeds is playing the drums and performing at Disney.” His worst memory is all of the long bus rides to the performances.

Director Justin Griffin is “sad! But proud of all that they have accomplished!”

Griffiin’s greatest memory with the seniors is the trip to Disney.

Mr. Griffin looks forward to next year’s seniors because they are very talented musicians just like years before. “Teachers learn just as much from students, as students do from teachers. Every year it gets harder to say goodbye.”

Griffin has learned from the seniors that “I’m still the UNDEFEATED Laser-tag champion!” He is going to miss their talent and passion for music. He would definitely keep the seniors for another year but he is very excited to see what they do next and wishes he would have done more with the seniors, “Would have, could have, should have… Don’t live with regrets. There are TOO MANY things I would love to do with our group/seniors. I am very proud of what we have accomplished and everything ours seniors have done.”

“Do you, “fam!” Be true to yourself and chase your dreams. Also, I’ll be checking in on your musical progress after graduation. I expect at least 3 hours per day dedicated to your instrument/voice. Chop! Chop!” Mr. Griffin added.

It is time for the seniors to enter their next chapter, but sad that they have to go.

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Senior musicians remembered