Teens sometimes make bad choices

Isabel Peak, Writer

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Teenagers sometimes make bad decisions. They fail classes, they argue with friends, or they make the wrong decision at home that just makes their day go from okay to horrible in a matter of minutes.If you are one of these people, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Teenagers sometimes make the worst decisions for many reasons. “But children and teenagers have been found to be poor decision-makers if they feel pressured, stressed or are seeking attention from peers,”  writer James McCue said in the article titled “A parent’s guide to why teens make bad decisions”.

When teens are pressured that’s when they make the most mistakes. They may be pressuring friends to fight with another friend because they are mad, or because they may think it’s funny. Freshman Jaelyn Kessen said her worst mistake is getting into big arguments with her friends. This is just the beginning of them…they happened year after year. After the first one, they started to become continuous. She said the reason she became mad in the first place was, “They did something to make me mad and then I would go off on them.”

Now she wasn’t the only person that was in these fights…other friends of hers were as well. She said, “Sometimes it would be just me, and sometimes it would be with other people.” Now after everything that happened, Kessen regrets doing this. “I would lose my friends for a couple of weeks, and nobody wants to do that because they are the ones that hold me together.”

Freshman Tori Hamm’s worst decision, on the other hand, is not taking one of her classes seriously. She didn’t try and she thought she’d be fine. She didn’t get away with it…her mom found out and she got grounded. She regrets doing it because “it was stupid of me”.

Every teen at one point makes a bad  decision from time to time. It is definitely just part of being a teenager, and there is no getting out of it.

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Teens sometimes make bad choices