Softball team perseveres through tough season

Cierra Copeland & Maddie Hamrick, Writer & Opinion Editor

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A rough sports season always leads to great victories in the future.  The South Ripley softball team has had a rough go of it this year with a 5 and 13 record, two wins of which were forfeits.SR Sports.

The girls on the team didn’t let a losing record break their spirits.  They have kept their heads held high with sectionals right around the corner. The team will either play milan or Austin. Sectional Draw Page.

Senior Jenna Moore has had a pretty successful season with two over the fence home runs.  ¨ I´ve tried to be positive even when we were losing and to just keep the spirits of the team up¨, Moore said.  Many underclassmen look up to her as a senior leader. ¨Stepping up as a senior is a lot of work because everyone looks to you for advice.¨, Moore also stated.

Many of the girls on the team are working towards improving, just like Moore.  When she’s gone next year someone will have to fill her spot. Moore stated,¨I feel like I´ve progressed a lot, and that i’ve gained a lot of confidence on the field.¨

Moore is a very versatile player, and can play multiple positions.  ¨ I’ve played short and first and with short you kind of get to be the boss of the field.  WIth first you kind of just get to hangout and catch balls.¨, Moore said.

Despite jenna improving every season and having a positive attitude, this hasn’t been her first losing season.  She’s given her all, but that didn’t stop the whole team from losing. ¨Well we’ve had a really rough season and last year was pretty rough too.¨, Jenna said.  She didn’t let a couple losses ruin her senior season.

Underclassmen are improving every game, preparing to step up on varsity.  The JV team has a better record than the Varsity this season. Sophomore Lilli Hilton is one of the underclassman on the team.  With one grand slam this year, Hilton has been playing both Varsity and JV freshman and sophomore year. ¨It’s very challenging to be on both teams because I have to go to both games and stuff which is very time consuming and it makes me nervous when I go in and mess up because I feel like the upperclassmen are disappointed in me.  So it’s kind of been challenging but it’s very rewarding.¨ , Hilton said. With the responsibility of varsity, she has to prepare herself.

Like other players, she spends a lot of time during the off-season, working on bettering herself.  ¨During the off-season, I’ll probably go to the batting cages in Miamitown and go to the fields and play with friends and do a lto of conditioning.¨, Hilton said.  The team is ready to play their hearts out and win games. Team members are tired of this losing streak. ¨ Honestly I think that answer to winning more games is to have tougher practices.  In practice, I don’t feel challenged and then in the game I’m not really prepared for the situation.¨

Some juniors have even stepped up as leaders.  Team captain, Elexah Roepke has been a positive player.  ¨My team and I deal with a losing record by making the most fun out of the season since we knew we werent gonna win a ton of games.¨ Roepke stated.  The team needs some powerful leaders in the next year.

With Roepke’s senior year coming, expectations can be high. ¨I want to win more games and were gonna be getting a new team so it’s gonna be fun.¨ By winning games, you have to work as a team. This means taking underclassmen under your wing. ¨I’m gonna make sure the underclassmen are really encouraged end ready to play even though we’ve had a few rough seasons.¨ Roepke said.  This is just the attitude the team needs.

The softball team hopes to have a better record in the seasons to come.  Information about conditioning is posted on their coaches twitter Phil Smith´s Twitter .  The girls are ready to get better today.  

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Softball team perseveres through tough season