Burford plays for two baseball teams

Danielle Smith, Online Editor

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Baseball is one of the greatest sports of the year for sophomore Trenton Burford.  It is a good thing he likes it too, because he had the opportunity to play for both the varsity and the junior varsity team this season.  

Burford looks forward to this season all year long because baseball is his all time favorite sport.  “Playing for two teams is great for experience,” Burford said.

There is only one down side that Burford seems to have about playing for both the varsity and the jv teams.  “It is pretty exhausting because there is a game pretty much everyday. I don’t mind it much though.” He does have a team that he prefers over the other and it is the junior varsity team.  “I get more playing time and I am more of a leader on the JV team.”

Playing on both teams was not Burford’s intentions from the get go.  “The varsity coach prefered it because he wanted me to gain more experience for my years to come.  Also, they needed the extra player to make the team.” It definitely worked out for the best for Burford.  It was an offer he did not want to refuse. “I could not really say no because I was told I was pretty much already on the team before tryouts; and it just would not feel right to turn it down.”

For some players, it is difficult to perform well on teams with older players players because they feel a little intimidated.  According to www.healthychildren.org, 30 out of 50 percent of team feels intimidated by their own sports team.  “I do not feel very intimidated by the varsity team. I don’t really have a reason, that is just not how I feel.”  

Playing for two teams does not have to be stressful.  The only reason why some people get stressed and can’t get things done, is not because of the sport.  It is the mindset and how you think about it. As Burford has clearly shown, not all athletes get overwhelmed by sports.  

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Burford plays for two baseball teams