Pickleball craze hits locals

Kyla Jeffries & L.J.McQueen, Writers

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Pickball…a sport that seems to be the fad right now.  It’s a game for all ages.

Pickleball was created by congressmen Joel Pritchard, Barney McCallum, and Bill Bell.  It was invented in the supper of 1965 in Bainbridge Island, Washington. The sport got its name form Pritchard’s dog, Pickle, who kept chasing the ball and playing with it. There are nearly 4,000 places to play pickleball in the United States. Pickleball has very complex rules.  

The paddle is made of wood or composite and larger than a ping pong paddle.  The balll is a light plastic hole-covered wiffle ball. The court is a small tennis court.

Proper serving begins with keeping one foot behind the back line and striking the ball with an upper hand swing. The game starts on the right side of the court. Only one serving fault is allowed. If the player has more than one fault, the ball is transferred to the other side of the court to the other team. Both sides of the court must allow the ball to bounce once prior to hitting it. The players must volley the ball back and forth in order to keep the game going. Once playing, you are not aloud to hit within seven feet of the net, to prevent spiking.

Why did you play in the pickleball tournament hosted by Michaela Diem and Mariah Gentile?

Mariah Gentile ¨I started playing at Kileyś grandma’s and wanted to teach other people how to play the game.
Elexah Roepke ¨I played in the pickleball tournament because my friends hosted it and I wanted to support them. I wanted to hangout with friends and have fun.¨
Abby McCarty ¨I played because Mariah is my friend and my career is growing rapidly.¨
Lane Sparks ¨I played because I wanted to have a fun time with my friends and compete with other people. I also wanted to have fun with people that like the game as well.¨
Michaela Diem ¨I hosted the pickleball tournament because it was a pay it forward project and it was inexpensive to host, and gave more back to the community for the food bank. It was also fun to play.¨
Bryce Franklin ¨I played because I like pickles.¨ 


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Pickleball craze hits locals