Scrunchies are back!

Toria Tucker, Feature Co-Editor

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It is known that everything comes back in style, and now it is scrunchies time. Scrunchies were in style back in the 80’s and 90’s. It is a fabric covered elastic hair tie used to secure hair. However, it can be worn as an accessory on the wrist or ankle to enhance any outfit.

Some people are all about this reused trend, while some are still hesitant about it. Michaela Diem said, “I love scrunchies because they are so much better for my hair.” Scrunchies do not rip out hair like hair ties can, and less likely to cause breakage.

Scrunchies are available in many different colors, fabrics, and designs. They can be found at various prices at pretty much every store. If someone wants to follow the trend, they can go to Dollar General. Michaela Diem said, “I got eight scrunchies for $7.95. Dollar General is my go to.”

The company Natural Life also sells scrunchies along with many different hair accessories. Their scrunchies are sold for a pack of three for twelve dollars. Their packs include velvet, metallic, and printed scrunchies. Icing by Claire’s also sells a giant assortment of scrunchies. While some may mock the new fad, scrunchies are back and bigger than ever.

Taylor Scott likes to wear her scrunchies on her wrist as an accessory.

Ashley Jones wears her scrunchies in a bun.

Ashley will also wear them on her wrist!

Julia Rea loves wearing scrunchies because they are better for her hair.

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Scrunchies are back!