Headphone Rule

Was no headphones ever a new rule?

Avery Perkinson, News/Opinion

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The headphone rule was never a new rule. It was an old rule, but it was never properly enforced to the students. During class teachers often give oral instructions that many time accompany the written instructions.

“All I did was properly enforce the rule,” said Principal Rod Hite.

If students are plugged in they could miss important  instructions. Teachers may give the first step on how to do the work. Then students  stop listening and put headphones in, but they would then miss the next steps in instruction.

Savanah Lovins, sophomore, said, ¨It´s meant to keep us focused, but I think that only the people who get in trouble should get them taken away.¨

According to A Look At Headphones Through Time, headphones have been a thing since 1919. In the 1930s Beyerdynamic officially invented headphones and commercialized them. Then the first stereo headphones came out from a jazz musician in 1958.

Chiara Guerra, sophomore, said ¨I don’t like the no headphone rule whatsoever. I think we should be allowed to have them in class if there is free time or when the teacher isn’t teaching.¨

The headphone has changed many, many times over the centuries. Each headphone has its own pros and cons, but most give a wonderful performance, but any headphone could allow you to listen through a phone, laptop, tv, etc.

Students should be responsible and use their headphones outside of school.

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Headphone Rule