Internet Charges in Process

Dylon Wilhoit, News Editor/Writer

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Internet has been a part of people’s everyday lives for a very long time. For example, not only teens enjoy social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Snap chat, and YouTube, but adults do as well. According to Christina Swing “The taking of net neutrality isn’t necessarily the end of the world as we know it, but it could mean major changes to the way we use the internet, and that isn’t necessarily a good thing for the little people like us. It’s good for the big corporations, though.”

These apps may no longer be free after Net Neutrality is repealed. The repealing of Net Neutrality would allow companies like Com Cast to intentionally speed up or slow down sites like Netflix and Facebook to improve other companies’ speeds. Also the repeal of Net Neutrality would allow internet providers to put a cost on apps like Facebook and Snap chat, unlike how it is now for current users, which is free for everyone to use.

There are countless petitions and protests to stop it from happening going on right now, although the people have no control over the voting on the matter. The voting will be done by congress.

The man in charge of the repeal is Ajit Pai, also known as the most hated person in America at the moment, according to those discussing this hot topic. He intends to repeal Net Neutrality in order to restore infrastructure of the internet and believes that net neutrality is restricting the possibilities of the internet. Although no vote has happened yet, there will soon be a time and place of which that vote will happen. Many people fear for the repeal of Net Neutrality, they fear the loss of freedom they have on the internet and hope to keep net neutrality safe as well as keep money in their pockets.

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Internet Charges in Process