The Meaning of Christmas

What do you think the true meaning of Christmas is?

Vanessa Hite, Opinion Editor/Writer

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          As we all know, it the most wonderful time of the year. That’s right, it’s Christmas time. The time where the streets are brightened with twinkling lights, carolers are singing Christmas cheer, and children write to Santa, begging for toys.

          Sadly, it seems as though the true meaning of Christmas has been forgotten. Nowadays, the meaning of Christmas is the gifts under the trees, the candy within the stockings, lights upon the window, and Old Saint Nick slipping down the fireplace. Christmas is filled with men and women storming from store to store to find the perfect gift for a special someone. Is that the true meaning of Christmas?

          To some, Christmas means the time for grief. The expectation to get the best gift is a constant weight on your shoulders. Being able to afford precious gifts can often lead to unpaid bills and nights without food. It also means that we gather on Christmas Day without the loved ones we have lost. The grief still settles upon our shoulders. However, remember that there is good in everything.

          Seirra McCain says the meaning of Christmas is spending quality time with  family. “To remember the important things. It is the thought that counts, not what present(s) your get,” McCain finishes saying to remember all the people out there who get absolutely nothing, “so don’t be greedy or selfish,”  

          For Brooklyn Shepherd, Christmas means, “gathering blankets and sitting in front of a fire,” Spending time with friends and family is always a great way to relax and truly be yourselves. With the help of blankets, a nice fire pit, a mug of hot chocolate, and endless amounts of Christmas movies, family time becomes a favorite part of the holidays.

          So, the meaning of Christmas is different for everyone. But the one thing that stands in common, is surrounding yourself with your friends and family. Christmas is not about the gifts or even the food. It’s about the company we keep and the memories we share.

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The Meaning of Christmas