History of Thanksgiving

Dylon Wilhoit, News Editor/Writer

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Thanksgiving is here again. A time when families get together to give thanks for what they have. The first Thanksgiving happened back in the year 1621. It was a time when the pilgrims and the indians gathered and had a bountiful feast comprised of turkey, corn and other foods we still eat to this day.

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated because of the very first successful growing of the Plymouth Plantation. Another reason for the celebration was a result of rains that fell after a two month drought.

Pumpkin pie was not part of the feast as the settlers and indians did not know how, although pumpkins were very plentiful.

The first Thanksgiving was held at Plymouth in present day Massachusetts. The dinner was also held to celebrate the peace treaty that was signed by the chief of the indian tribe.

Nowadays people of the modern age celebrate Thanksgiving with most of the traditional ways that the first pilgrims and Indians used. Such as eating the foods that were eaten by them like, potatoes, corn, and cranberries. Although some things have changed throughout the years such as the way we celebrate the holiday by Black Friday shopping. Also the holiday is now more focused on family more than a successful harvest.

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History of Thanksgiving