Deer Season Begins

Michaela Diem, Sports Editor

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Since September many students have been preparing for deer archery opening day. To prepare for this big event avid hunters have tilled and sown plots with beets and turnips in hopes of bagging the trophy buck. Stands have been secured to trees while cameras have been placed along deer trails. Bows have been sighted in, arrows and tips checked, and camouflage clothes have been laid out.

“To prepare for the upcoming season I practice shooting my bow and I set up trail cameras. When I look at my trail cameras I see where the deer are frequently and set up my stand somewhere in that same area,” said Junior Ryan McGuire.  

When the first day of archery deer season began on October 1st, you could find hunters, male and female, perched in stands or sitting in blinds waiting for the big bucks to make an appearance.

Seniors Jacob Moore and Clay Romack have filled their buck tags while other seniors such as Chad Turner have only filled doe tags.

This weekend kicks off the start of gun season. Gun season begins on November 18 and ends on December 3.  Students who do not own an archery weapon will finally be able to pursue the bucks they have been watching all year. All hunters will have to wear hunter’s orange in the woods after November 18, even if they are hunting with a bow.

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Deer Season Begins