Tackling the SAT

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With college applications due just around the corner, students are urged to finish their college applications. With that being said every college has it’s own competitive edge. However, the SATs are a must-have for most college.

Test scores are only one component in the college application, but they are a big component for many reasons. Students can be awarded financial aid depending on their scores and scores can determine if you are accepted into a college.

The SATs can easily become any student’s nightmare. The SATs offer common ground for every student and college so the questions and answers are meant to be complicated. Many sites help to prepare students for their SATs.

There are a ton of ways students can prepare for the SATs. The most notable of which are the test books offered when you apply for the test day. When students register for the SATs they are offered the chance to buy study material. If a student is not wanting to put down the cold hard cash for buying a book, videos are always another option. There are a ton of videos that students can download and watch.

The SAT is composed of five sections. Students will take a reading,writing, math with a calculation, math without a calculator, and a random section. These sections are added together for a total score of 1600. The average test score for the SAT is 1000.

It is important to answer every question. There is no “guessing penalty” so no points are deducted for wrong answers. That means that it’s better to answer a question wrong then to not answer it at all.

When the test day comes, it is important to be well rested and well prepared.

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Tackling the SAT