Donald Trump’s Wall Campaign

Donald Trump is Planning to Build Wall

Dylon Wilhoit, News Editor/Writer

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From the beginning of Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign, he proclaimed that he would build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. Now Trump has firmly planted himself into the White House as president and is making his plans reality. He has selected some templates for the wall.

There are eight templates in total and the only reason they have not been selected is due to insufficient funds. These eight prototypes were built to specification mandated by the U.S. Customs and Border protection, according to Time magazine.

With the border of the United States being about 1,900 miles long, along with all sorts of tough terrain, it will be very difficult to build the wall at all. Engineers estimate the cost of the wall to be around 10-12 billion dollars.

According to Trump, Mexico will be paying for the wall. However, President Enrique has been denying Donald payment for the wall.

Lindsey Seabolt said, “ It will be very interesting to see if the wall will ever be finished in the future.” She also said that she would appreciate it if taxpayers would not have to pay for the wall’s construction.

Trump has already set a bill in motion that will make taxpayers pay for the wall’s initial funding. However, congressional approval is still needed for the bill to be put into official action.

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Donald Trump’s Wall Campaign