Hurricane Philippe Heading Towards Florida

Hurricane Philippe Starts to Slow Down Through the Week

Rachel Wood, News Editor

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Hurricane Philippe is a tropical storm with winds up to forty miles per hour headed towards southern Florida. According to Express.Co.UK, Florida is expected to reach three to five inches of rain over the weekend.

An alert has been issued by the National Hurricane Center for the United States, as Philippe is wreaking havoc across the country and currently heading towards Florida and the Keys. A warning has also been issued to Cuba and nearby Cuban provinces, such as Isla de la Juventud, La Habana, Ciudad de la Habana, Matanzas, Cienfuegos, and Villa Clara and Northwestern Bahamas.

According to current forecasts, Philippe is expected to move across the Florida Keys this past Monday and across the Bahamas later in the evening. Philippe’s winds have increased up to one-hundred and five miles per hour.

Tracking maps have shown the tropical storm to be moving over Cuba and closer to Florida. So far, Philippe has caused two tornadoes southern Florida and delivered torrential rainstorms across the Caribbean and Florida.

Because of the tornadoes that Philippe caused in Florida, the massive hurricane is beginning to slow down. Though the storm did much damage, forecasts show that the hurricane should be dying down soon.

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Hurricane Philippe Heading Towards Florida