Clubs at South Ripley

Students hurry to join clubs

Amber Roberts, Feature Writer

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A wide variety of clubs are offered to students. Each club is unique in standpoints. A poll of 20 students showed that the Art and Creative Writing club was one of the most enjoyed
“The club is full of diverse people who are all eager to express themselves. Everyone is so nice and caring. It’s a great environment,” said Christina Swing. This year, Art club expanded to include creative writing. Student now have a chance to write for fun and share it with other students.
“Art and Creative Writing brings a bunch of creative and different people together with two types of art,” said Chelsea McIntosh.
Champions Together is another club that students enjoy being in. Champions Together serves as a way for students to show leadership while changing the lives of those with intellectual disabilities. “It’s my favorite club because we get to work with really fun and outgoing kids, all of them just melt my heart and I love to see smiles on their faces,” said senior Haley Bishop.
One focus of Champions Together used to be Breakfast with Santa, a day in which students could to help organize a Christmas themed breakfast with children in the community. “It’s a great way for everyone to come together and help each other out. It’s a great organization, and I glad to be apart of it,” said Anna Liming.
In accordance to Champions Together, Abby McCarthy said, “It is very rewarding helping the kids learn how to do a sport and have fun.”
Each club plays a huge role in the interest of students. Each club functions to bring people with similar interests together.

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Clubs at South Ripley