Pre game Rituals

Elexah Roepke, Sports Co-Editor

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For some athletes, pre game rituals are essential. Whether it is listening to music or doing  a certain type of stretching, most athletes do something. From beginners to the pros, there is a variety of what athletes do to prepare for competition.Junior Bryer Franklin’s  pregame ritual is to listen to some music and to pray. Some athletes think that if they don’t perform this pregame ritual they will not perform as well as they do when they perform it.

Before we leave for the meet I eat a pb sandwich, once we get to the meet I make sure to walk the course, our team does a prayer and reads the Affirmation of Faith, and I also tie and untie my shoes numerous times before the meet starts,” said Junior Megan Cole. Rituals can consist of numerous activities or just a few. Senior Avery Halcomb,  likes to keep to himself and listen to some music to pump him up.

Junior Cady Garcia said, “ I like to make sure that my bag is packed. I also listen to music and try to sleep before a game. Once we get to the game, I get a drink of water, do some active stretching and start my form shooting. I make sure to do this before every game.”

Rituals vary for every athlete whether it’s major or minor. They try to stick to the routine and are hopeful for a positive outcome.

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Pre game Rituals