New Academic Team Coach Appointed

Mrs. Moorman Volunteered to be New Academic Team Coach

Rachel Wood, News Editor

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As of this school year, Mrs. Alyssa Moorman is the new Academic Team coach at South Ripley.

Academic Team is a club offered here at school where junior high and high school students can compete in different divisions and varying subjects. “Fine Arts, Social Studies, Math, English, Science, and Interdisciplinary subjects are offered,” said Mrs. Moorman.

Mrs. Moorman said she is definitely excited about being the new coach. She is preparing to start practices very soon. She is most likely going to designate each practice to one or two subjects at a time, while the rest of the teams will be working and studying with their team members.

According to Mrs. Moorman, this year’s theme is World War I. The Academic Team Super Bowl will take place in May, though the knowledge of other practice meets is unknown. Mrs. Moorman said, “Since I’m new, I’m not really sure, but I’m thinking about two to three invitational meets.”

Mrs. Moorman said she feels that this is something that she would like to do. She’s never done it before and she wants to try it. She’s very excited that she has some really great kids to experience it with.

Academic Team member David Field, senior, is this year’s team captain. “I’ve been in Academic Team for three years and I’m usually in Fine Arts and Social Studies.” Field originally asked Mrs. Moorman to be the new coach. “I asked Mrs. Moorman to be the new Academic Team coach because I believe that she is a hard worker and can inspire us to move forward.”

Emma Wood,  sophomore, is another Academic Team member who has been on the team for one year and is joining for a second. She said that she wants to represent her school and test her abilities in competition. Wood would like to join Science and Social Studies categories for the upcoming year.

Academic Team practices will start soon and will be after school with Mrs. Moorman.

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New Academic Team Coach Appointed