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There are a lot more hair styles nowadays then there use to be. Back then people would have 1 or 2 kinds of hairstyles and wore them almost every day. Today people are creating more and more kinds of styles and different types of them as well.


Heidi Speer a senior Cosmetologist personally likes hair that is down and straight, “I think it just looks nice and neat and it could look like you put a lot of time and effort in it but actually you didn’t.” Heidi also said that she would like to see more kinds of braided hair styles because there’s not that many out there.


Freshman Abby McCarty said “My least favorite hair styles would have to be the ones that are tight/slicked back and looks like they tried a little too hard to make it look perfect.” A lot of people like to make things look perfect but messy is now in style and people think it looks good.”


Sophomore Lydia Comer said “Pigtails are okay if you like them but I am not the biggest fan of them.”  With hundreds of hairstyles spanning from straight to exotic looking styles, everyone has their favorite.

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