Senior Ranks

Dylon Wilhoit, Assistant News Editor

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The Senior Class of 2017 has worked  throughout their entire high school career to obtain their prestigious class rank.

A select few came out on the top of their class: Clarice Patterson, Danielle Baugh, Mackenzie Black, and Donna Roberts. These four top ranking students have taken upper level courses to prepare them for life after high school.

According to the article “Class Rank”, class ranking is a way to organize students based on their grade point average or percentiles.

Second ranked student Danielle Baugh said,  “ I have worked very hard to receive this great honor. I am proud of myself and hope I continue to reach more great milestones in life after high school.“

According to Karen Arnold, Boston College researcher, reported that 90 percent of valedictorians graduate college and achieve a successful career. As well as 40 percent of that group being in the highest job tier possible. Arnold goes on to talk about that valedictorians are reliable, hard workers and live good lives.

Class rank allows students to work toward goals set long before graduation and may very well help them accomplish great things long after they leave high school.

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Senior Ranks