Modern Day Heroes

Toria Tucker, Entertainment and Feature Writer

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When we were little, everyone looked up to some sort of fictitious superhero. Kids would dress up as them, pretend to be like them, watch movies and read books about them, everything excluding worshiping those fictitious superheros.

However, kids get older and are exposed to the world, and realize there are no people who fly in the sky and wear capes and who have superpowers such as “spidey” skills, super strength, read minds, or turn into huge muscular, green things.

While there are no superheros in the world, there are heroes around. They may not have superpowers that the heroes have on TV, but they can accomplish some amazing things. One modern day hero in the United States is Jorge Muñoz. Past illegal immigrant, left a bar one evening and noticed illegal laborers sleeping under a bridge in the Elmhurst Hospital’s emergency room, eating barely enough food just to send money to their loved ones back home in Mexico. Since then,  Muñoz has been cooking food to feed dozens of the laborers in rain, snow, thunder, and lightning. He earns $600 to feed the laborers by driving a school bus and donations. He has served over 70,000 people since 2004, and because of his great sacrifices, he earned the Presidential Citizens Medal by President Barack Obama (List Verse).

Image result for jorge munoz

Jorge Muñoz receives award, Presidential Citizens Medal from Barack Obama (courtesy to My Hero Project Inc.)


While some heroes have been recognized for their great deeds, others are quiet about what they do or are the personal heroes to certain people. For example, Katelyn Farrell and Maddie Hamrick both said their grandparents were their heroes. Maddie says, “My grandma teaches me to be strong and independent every day.” Katelyn Farrell says her grandfather is her hero because he would help/do anything for anyone.

Alex Hooper, sophomore, says his hero is Sam Lohrum because he is the bravest person Alex knows. Alex says, “A hero must have characteristics such as bravery, compassion, intelligence, and charisma.” Everyone has a hero that they look up to and believe they have their own kind of “superpowers”.

Alex Hooper gets a quick picture and laughs with his hero, Sam Lohrum

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Modern Day Heroes