Fast and Furiously returning to theaters

Donna Roberts, Entertainment Editor

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You hear the revving of the engines, you watch the high,intense action, and you witness the countless stealing and crimes, sound familiar? There’s only eight Fast and Furious movies out and they just don’t stop making more.

Fast and Furious movies have been around since 2001. After the death of one of the main actors, Paul Walker, moviegoers believed it would be the end to the movies. Bryer Franklin said, “I figured the movies would be over once Walker was gone because he was the main actor.” Last year’s Furious 7 featured a tribute to the actor at the end of the movie which was said to be the last movie.

Just recently a new Fast and Furious movie, The Fate of the Furious came out and many are wondering why? Haley Jansen says, “ The movies are just repeats of the same thing. They should’ve stopped at Furious 7.” Each Fast movie features racing of fast cars and stealing of million of dollars. Is there really a point to keep making the movies if it’s all the same?

Not only do moviegoers believe the new movies feature the same thing but they also believe the movies just keep getting more unrealistic. Franklin stated, “Ever since Paul Walker’s death the movies have been unrealistic.”

Ethan Morris, who went to see the most recent movie, says, “I’m amazed with the crazy, unrealistic crap they come up with.”  

Even though the some moviegoers believe they aren’t worth it, box office shows the income from the new movie making over a million.


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Fast and Furiously returning to theaters