Abandoning High School Dances

Vanessa Hite, Feature & Opinion Writer

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High school is full of cliche high school dances. They sucker you in by persuading you to make the most of your high school moments and to create memories that will last. No matter how true the statement can be, going to a high school dance can become pretty boring. At South Ripley, 71.4%  of students have voted oftentimes they don’t go to school dances.

Many students layoff on their dancing shoes because students have wired their brain to their phones. Social media has taken the reigns of students’ minds, causing them to become unable to put their phones down. A. Pawlowski, Today News, stated that students are, “constantly in touch thanks to social media.” This inserts the idea that missing the dance will be just fine into a student’s brain.

Corinne Jackson, freshman, said, “I don’t go to dances because I don’t dance…I just don’t personally enjoy going  somewhere crowded like a school dance for a few hours because I have better things to do,”  To some students, school dances have become a burden to attend. They seem to be uncomfortable of letting loose and getting their boogie on.  

The key to a successful dance depends on the music that is played. While most students enjoy listening to upbeat, top of the chart songs such as Ariana Grande and The Weekend, some do not. There are students who are fans of a completely different genre that are never played during dances, which include Shinedown and All Time Low. “… I prefer my own music to what’s provided at the dances.  No offense intended, of course,” stated Jackson.

The hardest factor to get when planning a dance is setting a date. As teens, an active life is pretty normal. With work, sports, and clubs meetings after school, going home to shower, change and head to the school dance is basically a waste of time. “I have to work every time there is a dance,” claimed Ethan Beavers. Other students have said the don’t see the point in going to school dances. To them, it is not fun whatsoever and it just ends up being a waste of time.

At the end of the day, these students are missing out on some of the best possible ways to make memories. Even though it is their call, dances can be eventful if they just give it the time of day. So, if you enjoy dancing and letting loose, go to a school dance. I’m sure you will find at least one other person with the same values as you do.


If you would like to learn more, here’s a link from Today News: 


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Abandoning High School Dances