Athlete Punishments

Kiley Sparks, Sports Editor

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When you get in trouble inside or out of school it can cause unintended consequences. Not only will you get punished inside the classroom but also in the current sport you play.” If you get in trouble by your teacher then Coach Wrightman makes you have a talk with Mr.Baseline,”said Senior Tyler Cole.

South Ripley is a No tolerance school. If a student athlete gets in trouble for alcohol then they are suspended 7 games. That number can be altered to 5 games when attending AA meetings before you can play.  

Last year Mr. Rob Moorhead, Superintendent, brought R-Cats to our community. This program was used at South Dearborn also. If a students commit an infracture, that consequences end in suspending, they are sent to Tyson Activity Center to complete community service instead of being suspended. These rules apply to all students including athletes.  

Coaches are trying to discipline players. Many coaches have academic rules also. Some of rules are are not only set by the coaches but by the Administration too.  Players that participate in sports at South Ripley can’t have two failing grade or else you can’t play. It varies by school. Next time you think about smarting off to your teacher think about the consequences first.

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Athlete Punishments