Juniors to Seniors

How juniors really feel about senior year

Vanessa Hite, Feature & Opinion Writer

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  Senior year, it’s bound to happen right? So why freight it? You have waited your whole lives to graduate high school. Some want to continue their education at college, some want to take a gap year, others want to jump right into society and start their new life. Either way, leaving high school with that diploma is always a priority. Are you ready for the adventure to begin?

  The junior class is beginning to feel the pressure of becoming the next seniors here at South Ripley. The juniors know in a little over five months, they will begin their senior year. Junior Jackson Cornett said, “It makes me nervous because once senior year is done, college comes around and it’s crazy how fast life goes by,”

Some juniors are ready for their senior year to begin. Reis Troy, junior, said, “I feel a sense of ease because I will only have one year left and then I won’t have to worry about high school,”

Senior year is overflowing with fun filled memories just waiting to happen and junior Whitney Sechrest is “looking forward to all the senior events with my friends,” Like Whitney, many juniors have been waiting forever to attend these senior festivities, and it’s finally coming true.  But many juniors said they would, “miss my friends and all the memories” after their high school career is through.  

Many juniors, like Luke Welch are “happy to be out of school” and finally be “able to make choices on my own,” But, once senior year is over with, “college is coming soon,” and starting you life and “making new memories,” is the next best thing.


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Juniors to Seniors