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In today’s world, it is essential for all people to have cell phones. Fifty years ago, it was just starting to become common for homes to have their own landline telephone. Nowadays, people give a weird look if they say they still have a flip phone.

Data plans is a package that comes with smart phones. There are phone companies such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile that create data packages for families and other people who share the cell phone bill together. Data is being used when people download music or apps, stream video, or get on the internet without being connected to WiFi.

Data usage can become very expensive. For a family of four that goes through Verizon, can find themselves paying $160 dollars every month to share a 20 GB (gigabytes) plan. This does not count for the monthly payments that families usually have to make when they buy a new phone or insurance that some members may choose to put on their phones. Also, if the family goes over their 20GB in a month, then they have to pay $15 dollars for every extra GB they use. Very soon and unexpectedly, families can commonly find their month phones bill above $300.

A common argument that many families can relate to, is when they receive the text message from the phone company warning them they are about to/do go over their data plan. Usually, it is the children’s faults for using too many gigs. Caitlynn Reese, sophomore, and her family can relate to this dilemma.

Reese and her family shares 10GB for three people. She says that she only uses 2GB of the data plan, but her brother uses the most. Whenever her family goes over their data,Caitlynn Reese says, “ We usually just get told to lay off the data for a few days.” Some children that go over get consequences such as having to pay the extra fee, but the Reese family is a little more lenient.

There are also teachers and administrators around the school that share the same problem with data plans. One administrator that uses his cellular device often is high school principal, Dr. David Wintin. Dr. Wintin said, “Between phone, iPod, iPad, and laptop, I spend around five hours a day.” He says that last month, he alone used 16.2GB of data. Thankfully though, Dr. Wintin has an unlimited data plan with AT&T.  

With all the innovating technology, many families will find themselves spending an excess of money on their data plans. While there are many ways to solve this problem, the best would to try to stay off the cellular devices more. Whenever you find yourselves around people, put away the phone and look at the world around you, not just the world that is not a screen.

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