The awkward wardrobe malfunctions

Toria Tucker, Feature and Entertainment Writer

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Wardrobe malfunctions. No matter how embarrassing they get (and trust me they get pretty embarrassing) it happens to everyone. Everyone has experienced or witnessed wearing neon underwear with white pants, or the infamous bending down and hearing the ripping of the jeans. The most famous wardrobe malfunctions are the ones that happen to the celebrities. During a public event, many celebrities try to wear a new, risque clothing and sometimes they reveal a little too much than what the wearer intended to show.

Wardrobe malfunctions get to the best of us. Jessica Vogel can admit to an embarrassing tune, “Once I wore a skirt on a windy day.” People can guess what probably happened next. Sorry Jessica.

Wardrobe malfunctions can happen anywhere, anytime. Sophomore, Morgan Peetz can acclaim to this statement. Peetz admitted, “During a basketball game my shoe strings tore in half. I felt stressed out because my coach kept me in the game while my shoe kept falling off.”

Some people feel very embarrassed about their wardrobe malfunction; however, there is no reason to get too worked up about it. Freshmen, Cennagen Snelling, gives some really good advice about wardrobe malfunctions, “Don’t get upset about it. You should just laugh it off instead because it happens to everyone at one point in their life.”

Avery Perkinson gives advice by saying making your wardrobe malfunction into a new style. This occurred in the comedy, Mean Girls. In the movie, Cady Heron and her friends cut out circles in Regina George’s shirt. Even though it was an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, she wore it and started a new trend across the whole school.

Wardrobe malfunctions and embarrassing moments are all apart of life. The best medicine for them is to just laugh at the embarrassing and awkward times, because after they happen the become very funny stories that you can share with everyone (only after you change your outfit)!

Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunctions

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The awkward wardrobe malfunctions