Nail Enhancements Healthy or Harmful

Kylie Werner, Opinion and Sports Writer

With prom season coming to an end, acrylic nails have been a major topic among high school girls. Some individuals go with shellac, which is just gel nail polish while others go with acrylic. Which is the best way to get yo...

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Exam Tips and Tricks

Kylan Brandt, Opinion Editor

Below are some tips and tricks for upcoming exams. If you feel like you sometimes struggle follow the following! Study before 10 o'clock at night so you can get a good nights sleep Stay calm Keep a positive mind...

May 11, 2017No Comments

Today’s Hair Problems

Today’s Hair Problems

Amber Roberts, Writer

Everyone just get passed all of the grossness that is other people's hair and focus on something else. Like tacos… Yeah… That’s a good idea. But wait… how gross is that hair? And what reason do they have for not washing it?

May 5, 2017No Comments

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Simple Summer Workouts to Stay in Shape

Kiley Sparks, Sports editor

   Summer workouts are great way to stay in shape. Even the simplest workouts can help a lot. The following workouts are good ways to stay in shape in a limited amount of time.      For beginners: 20 bodyweight squats ...

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  • 5 ways to prevent heat exhaustion May 4, 2017
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Disappearance of Vine

DeLani Smith, Entertainment Writer

The once pretty popular app on all sorts of devices has seemed to vanish.  Many people used it and had fun with it.  What happened to Vine? Vine is an app that allows people to make a short video or watch...

May 22, 2017No Comments

Movies coming soon

Movies coming soon

May 16, 2017

Scientifically proven ways to study

May 15, 2017

Fast and Furiously returning to theaters

May 5, 2017

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  • FFA 2016-17 Banquet

    A time of food, fellowship, and fun. There were over 200 people in attendance at the 2016-17 FFA Banquet. Food was provided by the cafeteria, W...

  • Senior Ranks

    The Senior Class of 2017 has worked  throughout their entire high school career to obtain their prestigious class rank. A select few came out on t...

  • Homecoming Follow Up

    The annual South Ripley Homecoming game took place on Friday, January 27, after the JV game, the homecoming festivities took place. Cady Garcia wa...

  • Mr. Howard goes on vacation

    Mr. Max Howard, science teacher,  has been awarded the opportunity to venture off on a vacation or educational learning experience. Howard received t...

  • Trump’s Changes to the White House

    Now that 70 year old Donald Trump is officially the 45th President,  he has already begun to make big changes in the White House. South Ripley studen...

  • Polar Plunge 2017

    Students planning to participate in this year’s Polar Plunge that will take place on February 18 have begun collecting sponsorships. SR’s particip...

  • Funky Days

    Every day is special in its own way. For the month of January, this year, there is a “funky” National Holiday Day on every day. These special days...

  • Snow isn’t always a good thing

    The snow falls fast and hard. The ice freezes everywhere. Are the roads safe for travel? The first snow day for school year was Thursday, January 5...

  • Prepping for the SAT

    Prepping for the SAT

  • SR Holiday Music Concert

    “We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!” The annual South Ripley Jr./Sr. High School Holiday Music Concert took place on Sunday, D...

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