Disappearance of Vine

DeLani Smith, Entertainment Writer

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The once pretty popular app on all sorts of devices has seemed to vanish.  Many people used it and had fun with it.  What happened to Vine?

Vine is an app that allows people to make a short video or watch other videos that others created.  Many people rose to fame by posting vines.  Stars like Nash Grier, Shawn Mendes, and Cameron Dallas got their start here.  They got up to a million followers.  People clearly liked their videos and were entertained with the app.  So why did it go away?

Some people had an idea as to why the app started to become something of the past.  “I’m thinking that it was just a fad.  It had it’s thing and it was popular, but people just got bored with it,” said senior Tommy Williams.  

There were a few factors that lead to the demise of Vine.  Some of these factors were the increasing popularity with snapchat, instagram video, and facebook live videos.  People were becoming more interested in these new forms of video.  

Eventually, even the Vine stars were losing followers.  “Slowly, the major Vine stars began experimenting with different social platforms,” writes Vanity Fair.  Ultimately, Twitter’s Vine app just wasn’t getting as much popularity anymore.  

It was time for Twitter to make a decision.  The article in Vanity Fair states, “On October 27, Twitter announced it was shuttering the platform altogether in a Medium post.”

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Disappearance of Vine