Nail Enhancements Healthy or Harmful

Kylie Werner, Opinion and Sports Writer

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With prom season coming to an end, acrylic nails have been a major topic among high school girls. Some individuals go with shellac, which is just gel nail polish while others go with acrylic. Which is the best way to get your nails done?

According to Senior Haley Jansen, acrylic nails are definitely the way to go.  Jansen stated, “I really like acrylic nails because I have a habit of picking at them so having fake nails keeps me from picking at them.”  Even though fake nails may do damage to your actual nail, more than one person prefers fake nails.

      Freshman Amber Elston stated, “I do not like my real nails so when I get fake nails it makes me feel much better!”

       With prom season coming to an end and summer just around the corner, fake nails may step up your summer outfit, but decide which type of nail is for you – acrylic or just shellac.

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Nail Enhancements Healthy or Harmful