Scientifically proven ways to study

Alexis Roberts, Entertainment Editor

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With all of the business of graduation and summer on its way, the dreaded last few days of school come with it, and with that would be the last exams we take before we get to enjoy the eight weeks of freedom that come right after it.

Studying is a major part of the last week of school, all of the exams that students have to take get crammed into the first few days. The way some people study might be different than how other people study.

In the article “17 Scientifically Proven Ways to Study Better This Year” the author states that one of the best ways to study better would be to review the material no later than twenty-four hours after you have learned it.

Another new kick of studying would be “sleep-learning”. Scientist have proof that your  brain concentrates better when you are tired. So studying and then sleeping right after?-Not a bad idea at all.

Listening to music while studying is another helpful tip. Drake and Kanye are out of the question, but composers such as Beethoven and Bach might just do the trick.

In another article called “22 Science-Backed Study Tips to Ace a Test” Shana Lebowitz states that research has proven that writing the material down instead of typing would help your brain remember the material better.

Reading through the material out loud is another great way to force your brain to better concentrate. Side tip: Screaming the pythagorean theorem at the top of your lungs just might aggravate your neighbors.

The ways to study for tests and exams are endless. Studying while you are tired, repeating them out loud, or just writing the material down are all better ways to remember material. Studying different ways to study is also not a bad idea.


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Scientifically proven ways to study