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Vanessa Hite, Feature and Opinion Writer

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Having a job is a necessity in this day and age. Money is everything so finding and keeping a job is your ticket to a happy life. With a job, you are able to afford a house, food, clothes, and a vehicle. But, we all know that working can become boring.

Finding something you’re interested in can sometimes be difficult. Whether you’re interested in music, art, or building, finding a job that suits you can be tough. Depending on what interests you can help you choose a job field that is right for you.

If you enjoy helping others becoming a doctor or nurse may be your best bet but there are other fields that have the same outcome. Instead of a nurse think about becoming a prosthetic. Helping others does not only go with medications. It can be helping by the form of words. Becoming a psychiatrist will help those who need someone to talk to.

Whitney Sechrest, junior, stated, “I want to help others but I don’t want to be like everybody else. Instead of becoming a psychiatrist for everyday people, I want to go into the criminal aspect of the job and help them,”

The most common job here in the United States is working in retail. According to Joe Weisenthal, the most common job is “nearly all “low paying” work. There are tons of people who have so much potential but have forgotten how to use their skills and abilities. If working with others is your strong suit, then instead of working the cashier or waiting tables, think about getting your business degree. You can start your own business with something that interests you.

Another idea for someone who enjoys talking would be a physical therapist. Working with others is a good way to make money and if you have a knack for the human body then why not give it a shot?

Jobs are apart of your everyday life so take the time to find something that will benefit you. There are so many jobs out in the world that you may in fact love. So, go out and explore new things. It’s all out there, waiting for you to find.


If interested in finding more information on job careers, here are two websites to get you started: http://www.salary.com/11-odd-jobs-with-high-salaries/slide/13/    and



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