Today’s Hair Problems

What's up with people today?

Amber Roberts, Writer

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Ew! I just had a pretty gross thought. You know those types of people that don’t take showers. How gross is that? Pretty gross. If you get passed smelliness and actually manage to stand next to them without dying or barfing or being sacrificed, check out the hair. All greasy and slimy, with small bits of who knows what in it. Wait… is that… moving? Oh no!

Everyone just get passed all of the grossness that is other people’s hair and focus on something else. Like tacos… Yeah… That’s a good idea. But wait… how gross is that hair? And what reason do they have for not washing it? Well, surprisingly there are a lot of reason why someone would feel justified for not washing the lovely locks.

Hair is actually very strong.“Secrets of human hair unlocked at Natural History Museum in London” from says a single strand of human hair can support up to 3 ounces. Combine all strands on the head and they hold up to an average of 2 tons (which is approximately 31 bonobo chimpanzees or 57 armadillos in case anyone out there is wondering.) But all that strength does absolutely nothing if not treated properly. Washing your hair everyday is actually very damaging. Everytime you wash your hair you rid it of all things oily and nice for it, which is apparently really damaging.

So maybe those people that don’t take showers do it so they have nice hair after they do actually take a shower. I take showers. And if anyone out there is like me, we will just deal with damaged hair and forget about not taking a shower.

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Today’s Hair Problems