Mr. Howard goes on vacation

Dylon Wilhoit, News Writer

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Mr. Max Howard, science teacher,  has been awarded the opportunity to venture off on a vacation or educational learning experience. Howard received the Eli Lilly grant.

Lilly Endowment offers the Teacher Creativity Fellowship Program (TCFP) for teachers. According to the Lilly Endowment website, this will be the 30th year of this competitive program, continuing the Endowment’s commitment to recognize and renew Indiana educators. TCFP supports lifelong learning among educators by enabling them to pursue dreams and passions, explore new areas of interest, expand existing talents and develop new ones. Renewal times are not vacations but opportunities for intentional exploration and reflection that will result in renewed energy, enthusiasm and creativity in teachers and thereby in classrooms and schools.

This grant is for teachers who may not have the money to afford this type of traveling to pursue dreams and passions. Interested teachers must complete the application process to be considered.

Mr. Howard will be traveling to New Zealand and Australia for about 12 days in July. He will be exploring the ecosystems and animals in both countries as well as saltwater fishing, fly fishing, skiing (it’s southern hemisphere, so it’s their winter), and snowmobiling glaciers in New Zealand.

In Australia, he will be saltwater fishing, visiting the outback, and snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef. “I am very excited that I received the Lilly Teacher Creativity Grant.  I have always wanted to see New Zealand and Australia and it’s amazing that I am getting to do this with no expense on my end.  We will be flying into Auckland, NZ where we will spend two weeks exploring the North Island.  I plan on skiing, snowmobiling, and visiting The Shire.  After this we will fly to Northern Australia in the town of Carins.  It is on the northern tip of Australia so the weather will be in the 70’s. We rented a cabana on the beach to stay in and have a boat for a few days to do some offshore fishing for Marlin.”

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Mr. Howard goes on vacation