Students come to school when sick

Emma Wilhiot, Feature Editor

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Students come to school when they are sick all the time. It seems almost as if everyone is afraid to miss. That seems to be exactly the case. After asking multiple students, they say even if they are feeling under the weather they come to school. Is it the delicious lunch dragging them here? Perhaps their eagerness and love for learning? What brings them to school?

Everyone knows you have to be at school by 8:30 if you want to participate in an after school extracurricular. If a student misses school or comes in after said time without a note, they miss out on the opportunity to participate. Sophomore Elexah Roepke says, “I can’t miss school even when I’m sick, because if I miss school, I miss practice and if I miss practice, I can’t play.” Roepke does not come to school in the intention to get everyone sick. She comes to school because of her dedication to sports. Many students come to school when sick strictly to get playing time.  Is there another reason why students come to school when they are sick?

As we get older, it is harder and harder to miss school. You miss one day and you’re behind for the next week in a half. Freshman Lindsey Meyer states,”I hate missing school when I’m sick, because when I come back, and all of the other students are ahead of me.” Even as a freshman, Meyer has learned quickly that the best policy is toughing it out and coming to school. The teachers do not stop class just because you are not there.

People come to school sick all the time for different reasons. And yes it’s as gross as that sounds. So make sure you always refer back to the basics they taught us in elementary school. Wash your hands, cover your mouth and use the germ-X religiously! Let’s try to prevent the illnesses.

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Students come to school when sick