What started it all

Alexis Roberts, Entertainment Editor

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Love is unconditional and a lot of times the way you meet the love of your life impacts and defines aspects of your relationship. The way a relationship starts is an important reflection of how a relationship will turn out.

For some couples, their relationships started on a ferris wheel, for others social media, and for even more a simple ‘Hi!’ is what connect the bridge between two people. However, some beginnings are not always romantic.

“Do you know me”? Were the first words that Whitney Copeland asked her would-be girlfriend Skylar Salzman-Cloney. Copeland had gotten on the wrong bus and as such Skylar just so happened to catch her eye.

For others, such as Kaitlyn Smith and Cordell Moore, their start was much more simple. “We started talking on Facebook and it went from there.” Although, some relationships are sudden others can take time to build up.

Tommy Williams asked Tori Rueter to be his girlfriend near the Ferris Wheel at the Pumpkin show. “It was about five years ago,” said Tommy Williams.

No matter the way you begin, Love is love. And while they might be cute stories to tell your friends, some others might not be. In the end it is the care and the time that you put into the relationship that makes it work. Romantic or not, as long as the relationship started, you’re on the right track.

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What started it all