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Tori Reuter, Editor-In-Chief

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Many students and staff members may not be aware of the new club that originated just this school year, Art and Creative Writing Club. Mrs. Heather Reichert’s 7th period English class started the year off with a poetry unit, and in the words of Mrs. Reichert, “The students’ work was rich and dynamic, and I found myself wishing that we could spend more time engaging in this kind of experience with writing.” This prompted her to start investigating what it would take to establish a creative writing club. Since she is new to South Ripley, she felt this was uncharted territory for her, so she went to Mr. Matthew Gadberry for advice on how to best organize a club.  

Mr. Gadberry and Mrs. Reichert had multiple brainstorming sessions, but decided to develop a club that not only catered to creative writing, but also the visual arts. They both agreed that a number of their students share interests in both creative writing and the visual arts. “I thought this was an excellent idea and was very interested and how both of our worlds could combine in order to benefit the students,” said Mr. Gadberry. Agreeing with Mr. Gadberry, Mrs. Reichert said, “The more we talked, we decided that a club incorporating both mediums could be an excellent way to appeal to more students’ talents.”

They have had a lot of fun creating unique pieces that join visual techniques with poetry and prose. “Some of the projects we’ve worked on have allowed a writer to work together with a visual artist to create a single collaborative piece, while others have allowed students to respond individually to an idea either with a piece of writing or a piece of visual artwork,” said Mrs. Reichert.

Mr. Gadberry said that the students have created work that really pushed them to better understand themselves and the culture around them. “As a whole, Mrs. Reichert and I feel as if this group has been incredibly successful in helping the students further express themselves outside of the classroom setting,” said Mr. Gadberry.

Art and Creative Writing Club meets every Wednesday after school. If any student is interested in joining, contact Mr. Gadberry and Mrs. Reichert. Below there are artworks and a description about the artwork that students have created in Art and Creative Writing Club.


“I made this artwork because I wanted to see something different. I tried to make it as unique as possible by adding the tye-dye background. I drew it out first, then I painted it to make it more realistic. I have this piece hung up in my room because it means a lot to me, due to the large amount of time I spent working on it,” said Junior Trey Winters.



“I chose most components of this piece for specific reasons. I chose symbols and colors that had meanings that resonated with me. The meanings of the color choices are from Native American culture. The red represents faith, beauty, and happiness. The yellow and orange both represent intellect and determination. The green is a symbol of nature, harmony, and healing. The blue represent wisdom and intuition. And finally the purple that I used in the face is considered to be a sacred color that is not used in face paint or in war paint. There are 4 symbols within the henna that have specific meanings. The lotus flower at the bottom represent the awakening of the soul. I also took advantage of this meaning to add a simple blooming lotus at the top. The raindrops that are around the main lotus represent the love and affection of a woman. The lizards in the middle represent the soul’s search for enlightenment. The henna has a path that starts out with very detailed patterns and ends with very simplistic designs. I designed this piece to in all to show the characteristics of grace, beauty, creativity, sensuality, femininity, and purity. Every single detail relates to me in some way shape or form. This is definitely one of my favorite pieces both from an artistic standpoint to the meaning it has to me,” said Junior Mackenzie McQueen.



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