Flabs To Abs

Michaela Warfield, Sport's Writer

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When it comes to those beach body abs, it is definitely easier said than done — as we have all figured out at one time. Overcoming this challenge takes time and effort, but also eating clean and cutting out foods that aren’t necessarily good for you. There are “so many day” challenges, along with workouts, exercises, and foods that are supposed to burn fat, especially in the torso of one’s body to help achieve that beach body ab goal. Here are just a few workouts that target that midsection!





Also there are many apps that one can download on their phone to help them with their goal. Not only does it take targeting the midsection, but also healthy eating and cardio which can speed up the process by burning more calories and fat! Apps include MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper, Fitbit, Digifit iCardio, Lose It!, etc.







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Flabs To Abs