Trump’s Changes to the White House

Dylon Wilhoit, Assistant News Editor

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Now that 70 year old Donald Trump is officially the 45th President,  he has already begun to make big changes in the White House. South Ripley student Julie Almarez states her opinion on the matter and says “ I think Trump should keep the White House the way it was, I like the way the White House looks the traditional way.” Trump has made some decor changes.

According to the article,  “Gold Drapes and Potato Chips: Six White House Changes,” A  a new rug was added to the Oval office that replaced the former one with presidential quotes.

Some new fancy brocade furniture has been added as well, according to the same article. As well as a fully stocked kitchen with potato chips!

As far as appointed positions,  Lindsay Reynolds has been appointed to being the Chief of Staff, meaning that she will be assisting the First Lady and  President Trump.

Whatever changes are made to the White House the country will have to live with it because it will be that way for four more years.


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Trump’s Changes to the White House