Movie That’s Cooking up Controversity

DeLani Smith, Entertainment and Feature Writer

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A movie that is meant to be uplifting and heartfelt is actually cooking up some controversy for many people.  “A Dog’s Purpose” is getting some people kind of worked up.  

The movie “A Dog’s Purpose”, is about a dog who learns about the meaning of his life through the lives of his owners.  This dog is resurrected as new dogs with new owners.  “I really want to see this movie but at that the same time I’m worried that some of the dogs will die and that will make me sad.  In movies, I think it is more sad when animals die then when people do,” said Senior M’Kenna Cowell.  

So with a movie this cute and encouraging, why are people upset about the movie?  “On Jan. 18, TMZ released a video of a frightened dog from ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ that apparently was forced into rushing water during the making of the film,” states the article “Hot Air”.  This video quickly went viral and many people are unhappy with the production of this film.  “I don’t think that animals should be forced to do things they don’t want to do.  It’s unethical.  However, I do understand that this needs to be done sometimes to make a movie,” said Senior Clarice Patterson.  However, apparently the video that went viral was not as it seemed.  This video  was later proven to have been purposely edited in a misleading way (i.e. faked).

The movie was given three stars out of five according to the article “Common Sense Media”.  Even though there was some controversy over the movie, there were still good reviews.  

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Movie That’s Cooking up Controversity