Favorite books made into movies

Alexis Roberts, Entertainment Editor

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More interesting than books, are the movies that are made from them. While reading a book is great, everyone agree’s that watching the book in action is so much more exciting.  

“Harry Potter is my favorite,” said Nathaniel Pelfrey. Series such as Harry Potter and The Hunger Games were not only a hit in the library, but a hit in the theatre as well.

Romance looks completely different in our minds than it does on screen. Books such as Before I Fall and Fifty Shades Darker are making their way to the cinema and are also becoming the interest of many teenage girls.

“The Fault In Our Stars is my favorite movie,” said Alexis Bobb. Kaitlyn Smith agrees with her.  Girls love to sit and watch chick flicks with their friends just as much as with their boyfriends.

While they might have to read the book for school, watching the movie is a choice that they make sure to indulge in.  

For kids, there are books such as Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles and basically any superhero movie ever.

A child loves to listen to their parent read to them, but what they love more is actually getting to watch the book come to life while enjoying some serious popcorn.

We leave the books to our imagination, but in the theatres our once favorite books become our new favorite movies.

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Favorite books made into movies