Teens consume more fast food

Donna Roberts, Entertainment editor

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Imagine you’re in a hurry. You have to be at a basketball game in 10 minutes but you’re starving. Do you go home and eat or take a quick trip through a fast food restaurant?

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, fast food is fattening and greasy but it’s one of the only options one has when in a hurry. The fact that the food is greasy and fattening doesn’t even slip into your mind when you only have 10 minutes and you’re starving. Jillian Scott says, “I probably eat fast food 5 or 6 times a week because it’s easy to get when I’m in a hurry.” Although fast food restaurants aren’t the best for your body it’s something that is easy to get when in a hurry.

With basketball games, sports practices, and part-time jobs, high school is full of teens scrounging for time. It’s not always possible to run home and get something to eat.Therefore, taking 5 minutes to run through a drive thru is a popular option. Autumn Schmaltz says, “ I eat fast food 3 or 4 times a week because I have to eat before my basketball games and before I cheer.”

According to the American Beverage Association, American consumers on average drink more than 54 gallons of carbonated soft drinks each year, making carbonated soft drinks the most popular beverage in the U.S., almost three times more popular than bottled water, milk or coffee. The article, “Your News for Healthy Living,” reports that McDonald’s sells an average of 75 hamburgers every second.

With many teens having their license it’s sometimes easier to just run through a drive thru than to wait till you get home to eat. Because there’s so many activities going on during school it’s hard to not eat fast food when it is one of the easier options. Not only when in a hurry but some students prefer fast food whenever hungry. Clay Romack says, “Normally I’ll eat at a fast food restaraunt just because I get really hungry.”

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Teens consume more fast food