Reasons to Join Track

Michaela Warfield, Sports Writer

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As track season approaches, the thought of joining the track team may be lingering in athletes’ heads. There are always pros and cons to joining something whether it be job, school work or transportation conflicts something might keep students from getting involved.

High school track Coach Jim Cole said, “Track is a great sport because everyone can participate. It is not only a team sport but also an individual sport. Also track is extremely competitive and you can even compete against your own teammates.”

With this being said, competition is not always bad. Competition can help push desire to another level to achieve goals and also push one to set them higher once they have accomplished the goal.

Coach Jim Cole also said, “In my opinion, if you are an athlete and want to get better in your main sport, you should do track. Research has proven that the multi-sport athlete excels greater results and that’s what most of your college coaches want to recruit. Track is fun and it will teach you how to work hard, respect yourself and others. One thing to add, you get out of track what you put into it.”

Coach Cole said, “Numbers is the key to a successful track team. The higher the number the better chances that team has in finding competitive athletes. The more the athletes we have helps so we don’t have to put so much on the athletes of participating in too many events. Higher numbers usually represent school pride and spirit. As a coach I am looking for the student- athlete that takes track serious, works hard, committed while still having fun.” Track conditioning takes place every Monday and Wednesday.  If you are interested in being a team member this year, talk to Coach Cole!

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Reasons to Join Track