Snow isn’t always a good thing

Gabii Copeland, News Editor

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The snow falls fast and hard. The ice freezes everywhere. Are the roads safe for travel?

The first snow day for school year was Thursday, January 5. A snow day is a day on which a school or other institution is closed due to heavy snowfall or other extreme weather conditions.

Even though snow days are a good break from school, they still have to be made up. These are called, “snow make-up days.” Students are required to attend school for a certain amount of days per school year. Schools have certain days throughout the school year that they set as these snow make-up days.

Today, Martin L. King day is usually a day off of school. The snow day on January 5 has changed that. Today was now a school day to make-up for the day lost.

Sometimes, when the morning conditions are bad, such as; icy roads or cold temperature, schools go on a two hour delay. Instead of starting at 8AM, they start at 10AM. It gives students an extra two hours of sleep. Plus, they are school day, so they do not have to be made up.

Snow may be pretty, but it isn’t always a good thing. Schools set these snow days and two hour delays to help the safety of the students.

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Snow isn’t always a good thing