Students with colorful hair

Vanessa Hite, Feature and Opinion Writer

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Throughout the halls of the school, students everywhere have decided to spice things up. By doing so, these students opted to change the color of their hair.

Montana Smith decided to dye her hair “because the color fades and I like the different colors.” Smith said she feels “good that it doesn’t have my roots showing.” Her peers have asked, “did you dye your hair?”

Cierra Copeland said, “I didn’t like my original color.” Since she made the decision to color her hair, she “likes it a lot better than before.” Cierra’s friends have said things like “why did I do it?” and “why did you want that color?”


Blaze Bolton colored his hair because he “didn’t like his blonde hair.” Once he colored his hair black and pink, “I feel that I did the right decision in coloring it.” His friends have asked, “why would you do such a thing?” He has also been told to “dye it back blonde.”


Shelby Orender “wasn’t happy with the other color her hair was.” To Shelby, “I feel like it looks a lot better.” Since the change, peers have told her “that it’s cute.”



Savannah Hoskins “wanted to try a different color” for her hair. Now that she colored her hair, she “doesn’t like it.” Others, seem to like the change and have told her “that it matches my complexion.”

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Students with colorful hair