Lights that catch the eyes

DeLani Smith, Entertainment and Feature Writer

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Red, green, blue, and yellow glows around the rows and rows of houses.  Some are blinking, some are super bright, and some are creative.  It is that time of year when many houses are decked out in festive wear.  

For many students, something they love about Christmas is the lights.  With the empty trees and endless stretches of dead grass, seeing the decorative Christmas lights can be a nice break.  “I really enjoy seeing people’s Christmas lights because they are really pretty,” said Freshman Amber Elston.  

Not only are Christmas lights pretty to look at for many, but they are also a way to see other people’s creativity.  There are so many different ways that people decorate their houses with Christmas Lights.  Many different colors, characters, and decor decorate property for the Christmas holiday.  “I love Christmas lights because of the fact that you get to see different ways people decorate for the holidays,” said Freshman Adelle Nuxoll.  

Places like the zoo also go all out with Christmas lights.  Houses aren’t the only things that get lit up for Christmas.  “I like Christmas lights so much because they are fun to go see.  I enjoy the Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo,” said Senior Jessica Parker.  

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Lights that catch the eyes