Hard work from Majorettes

Michaela Warfield, Sports Writer

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Basketball season brings performances for the majorettes and flags. As the group attends weekly practices for upcoming halftime shows they are also prepare themselves –mentally and physically.

Senior Clarice Patterson states, “We have been practicing a lot but also mentally preparing ourselves.” Many know that performing in front of a few people isn’t that bad but when it is in front of a full gym of people it gets a little intimidating.

Everyone has goals, especially the majorettes and flags whether it be individually or as a team. Patterson claims, “My goals personally would have to be practice whenever I can, perform a solo routine by February, catch at least 6 waterfalls, and do my catch and spin. Our team goals would have to be to get along with one another, work together efficiently, and have fun while performing and practicing.” It takes teamwork and determination to work well together so it is a major role for any team whether it be for basketball players or a majorettes.

Although watching the majorettes and flags perform may seem easy and simple it takes a lot of work for all the girls on the team along with time and effort.

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Hard work from Majorettes