Do you have a messy locker?




Tori Reuter, Editor- In- Chief

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School staff and janitors walk through the locker bays and notice some lockers are left open because the lockers are stuffed with unnecessarily items. Why do most lockers look like the students are living out of them?

Some students vow they will keep their locker clean all year at the beginning. Then, weeks go by and the locker looks like a bomb went off. “I just got tired of keeping things in order,” said Ninth Grader Allie Williams.

McDonald’s cups and bags, loose papers, clothes, and etc. in the locker may be keeping the locker door from being shut. It gets to the point where nothing can actually be found.

There are many disadvantages to having a messy locker, such as taking the the wrong book to class and “not being able to find your homework,” said Freshman Mackenzie Reuter. A student might even find him/herself late to a class because they take forever to find the items they need. “You can’t always find what you need when you’re in a hurry to get on the bus or to your next class,” continued Williams.

Students may have the desire to clean the locker, so they can find things for class easier. “I straighten it up every now and then,” said Sophomore Silvia Baker. Some will take the time to clean it up, so it’s clean for about another two-three weeks. “I would clean it, but I know it’s just going to get messed up again,” said an anonymous student. Others don’t see the point in straightening it up because they know it’s just going to become messy again.

According to the VeryWell website, locker accessories, such as a locker shelf, can help keep a student’s locker organized. So keep the locker clean, so getting to class can be easier and faster. 


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Do you have a messy locker?